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What is “On the Right Path?”

“On the Right Path” is a fun, motivational, walking program where participants will virtually walk the historic Overland Trail from Whitehorse to Dawson City-526 kms. This program is an easy way to keep track of your distance and is designed to get you in the habit of walking. With the hopes that by the time you reach Dawson, you’ll keep on walking- or find another activity that you enjoy.

How does “On the Right Path” work?

Participants will track their daily steps or kilometers walked each day. At the end of each day participants will log onto their own personal profile and input how many steps or kilometers they walked for that day. As part of the challenge participants will have their progress tracked along the Overland Trail and have the option to track their progress against other participants.

How do I get started?

You can join either as an individual or as an individual in a group where you track your progress against other participants. There is no cost to participate and the benefits are numerous. Participants can use a pedometer to track their steps (pedometers are not provided by RPAY) or enter the kilometers walked each day. This challenge is intended for everyone - families, friends, students, co-workers, employees so take a step in the right direction and sign up today.

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